IMI European Lead Factory — democratizing access to high-throughput screening

Philip S. Jones , Sylviane Boucharens , Stuart P. McElroy , Angus Morrison , Saman Honarnejad , Stan van Boeckel , Helma van den Hurk , Daniel Basting , Jörg Hüser , Stefan Jaroch , Eckhard Ottow , Jorg Benningshof , Rutger H. A. Folmer , Frank Leemhuis , Patricia M. Kramer-Verhulst , Vera J. M. Nies , Kristina M. Orrling , Ton Rijnders , Claudia Pfander , Ola Engkvist , Garry Pairaudeau , Peter B. Simpson , Jean-Yves Ortholand , Didier Roche , Alexander Dömling , Sven M. Kühnert , Peter W. M. Roevens , Herman van Vlijmen , Eva J. A. van Wanrooij , Christophe Verbruggen , Peter Nussbaumer , Huib Ovaa , Mario van der Stelt , Klaus Baek Simonsen , Lena Tagmose , Herbert Waldmann , James Duffy , Dirk Finsinger , Mirek Jurzak , Nicola A. Burgess-Brown , Wen H. Lee , Floris P. J. T. Rutjes , Hubert Haag , Christopher Kallus , Hartmut Mors , Thierry Dorval , Brigitte Lesur , Fernando Ramon Olayo , Daniel Hamza , Geraint Jones , Christopher Pearce , Alexander Piechot , Dimitrios Tzalis , Mads H. Clausen , Jeremy Davis , Daphné Derouane , Céline Vermeiren , Markus Kaiser , Robert A. Stockman , Denise V. Barrault , Jason R. Swedlow , Adam S. Nelson , Romano V. A. Orru , Eelco Ruijter , Steven P. van Helden , Volkhart M. Li , Ton Vries & Jon S. B. de Vlieger

Nat Rev Drug Discov, 2021, ISSN 1474-1784


The European Lead Factory combines assets and experience from major pharma with innovation and agility of academia and SMEs in a collaborative platform to expand access to high-throughput screening. With many successes heading towards the clinic, the organization is broadening its approach to screening and partnering.

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