Drug Discovery

A trusted chemistry CRO to support drug discovery teams

Since 1999, our experienced scientists collaborate with global R&D teams from pharma and biotech companies on their next clinical candidate. Through all stages from Hit Identification to Lead Optimization and nomination of the candidate, our scalable FTE provide considerable added value by proactive consulting, execution and delivery of high quality chemistry. In a nutshell, we help our clients to reach their milestones faster and at lower costs!

Our drug discovery chemistry services include:

Performing synthetic chemistry and medicinal chemistry to yield novel organic compounds with druglike physicochemical properties
In Medicinal Chemistry research, we are working with a broadly experienced team on all biomolecular targets from any gene family in any therapeutic area. Our expertise…
Taros computational chemistry expertise encompasses the whole spectrum of computer-aided drug design, from virtual screening to adaptive SAR analysis as well as molecular modelling to statistical forecasting.

We routinely apply computer sciences in computational chemistry approaches and apply methods for structure-based drug design, in case structural data of the target…

High quality library design requires chemical creativity and profound synthesis knowledge to achieve the highest possible molecular diversity. Our efficient production…

Biotech Corporations

Biotechs simply concentrate on their research and development tasks while our experienced chemists take care of all related synthetic chemistry challenges.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Providing innovative but cost efficient early drug discovery services and technologies to our pharma customers is what drives our multidisciplinary scientists at Taros.

Research Institutes and Academia

Great academic research often requires industrial backing and excellent synthesis capacities to bring ideas to the market – for many years we have been closing that gap.

Process development

Custom manufacturing

Analytical chemistry and purification

Looking for integrated drug discovery services?

Committed to customers and success, we use all drug discovery approaches

We are exploring entry points into drug discovery and medicinal chemistry projects in an unbiased manner. High throughput screening (HTS) and focused screening yields typically good quality hits through additional counter screens to ensure hit validation. This approach allows for the highest level of serendipity. Our molecular design capabilities are following both structure- and ligand-based designs, as well as peptidomimetic techniques. Chemogenomics and fragment-based screening focuses on phylogenetic trees and good experience has been made across gene families when binding sites have been preserved. Selecting starting points from literature or IP knowledge yields traditionally high success rates with a shorter path to proof of concept (PoC) in animal models.

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