Targeted Protein Degradation

Expand your TPD Horizons with the strategic design, Advanced Synthesis and Analytical Expertise

In the dynamic field of Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD), the precision and innovation behind the design of right compounds, chemical synthesis and analysis are paramount. At Taros, we’re not just offering services, we’re providing solutions engineered with the highest scientific rigor and cutting-edge technology.

What we offer

1. Custom PROTAC Synthesis

Leveraging state-of-the-art synthetic routes to create custom-made PROTAC molecules with optimal properties for targeted degradation. Whether to find the precise exit vector for a target protein, select a suitable E3 ligase, or to devise an appropriate linker with the right balance of physico-chemical properties & length, we apply the learnings from experience to help accelerate your projects.

2. Innovative Molecular Glue Development:

Our capabilities extend to the design and synthesis of novel molecular glues, facilitating unique ligase-target protein interactions. One of our scientists is named inventor in a client’s patent for a molecular glue recently nominated for further development.

3. Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry

Our team’s deep expertise in medicinal chemistry ensures the strategic optimization of lead compounds for enhanced TPD efficacy. Our proficient team can help develop Structure-Activity-Relationship based on the intepretation of various biological and DMPK data in real time and be able to optimize leads with minimal number of DMTA cycles.

Expanding our services to include

Cutting edge capabilities

Specialized Synthesis Techniques

From complex chiral synthesis to high-purity PROTACs and Molecular Glues construction, our laboratory is equipped to tackle the most challenging synthesis demands

Our analytical suite, featuring thr latest in mass spectrometry and chromotography, provides unmatched insight into compound structure and purity

Transform your challenges into opportunities

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