Indications and Gene Families

Biomolecular targets across all main therapeutic areas

Our lead scientists worked on more than 120 biomolecular targets from all major gene families and across all main therapeutic areas to guide the way through drug discovery. We provide drug discovery expertise on G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR), nuclear (hormone) receptors, enzymes (such as kinases and proteases) and transporters, ion channels, as well as protein-protein interactions (PPI) and targeting RNA as a drug target. Our multidisciplinary team explores entry points into Medicinal Chemistry projects in an unbiased manner, from large high-throughput screening (HTS) campaigns and focused screening, to rational molecular design approaches, over chemogenomics and fragment-based screening as well as starting points from literature including published intellectual property (IP) matter. Tacit knowledge and disease area experience across indications and gene families enable our team to prioritize and select the most suitable drug discovery approach for successful and rapid identification of lead series and clinical candidate molecules.


We routinely apply computer sciences in computational chemistry approaches and apply methods for structure-based drug design, in case structural data of the target protein…

design and synthesis of peptide and peptidomimetics within medicinal chemistry research

In Medicinal Chemistry research, we are working with a broadly experienced team on all biomolecular targets from any gene family in any therapeutic area. Our expertise ranges…

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Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Custom Synthesis

As a leading Contract Research Organization in Europe, Taros provides valuable contract discovery for synthetic organic chemistry, chemical process development, and pilot plant…
Parallel Chemistry

Compound Libraries

High quality library design requires chemical creativity and profound synthesis knowledge to achieve the highest possible molecular diversity. Our efficient production…

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As a leading CRO in Europe, Taros provides comprehensive drug discovery chemistry services for large Pharma and Biotech corporations as well as for Research Institutes and Academia

Our experienced chemists practice a pragmatic culture and customer-centric approach in order to exceed project expectations and, despite challenges, bridge very narrow timelines. They are trained to consider economic, safety and ecological boundaries and conditions laid out for all stages of the project.
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