Custom Chemical Services

Chemical services from R&D to small scale custom manufacturing

Within our chemistry services clients appreciate the great expertise of our chemists as well as our pragmatic and customer-centric approach in order to meet project expectations. Customers from chemical industry, coatings, adhesives, medtech, flavors and cosmetics or consumer goods require performance chemicals and custom chemical services for fine and specialty chemicals. We support our customers with custom synthesis of non-commercial available compounds for research and product innovation purposes, contract research and process chemistry as well as custom manufacturing to bridge the gap from lab to pilot batches or small scale production.

Examples of our custom chemical services include:

Performing synthetic chemistry and medicinal chemistry to yield novel organic compounds with druglike physicochemical properties
In Medicinal Chemistry research, we are working with a broadly experienced team on all biomolecular targets from any gene family in any therapeutic area. Our expertise…

Complex, multi-step or enantioselective custom synthesis for industrial or research applications is our core competency. As a part of our chemistry services the…

Customized polymeric dispersion by functionalization of monomers for industrial applications
We synthesize polymers with a defined property profile and jointly develop them as a typical project goal. Our scientists are experienced in free-radical, ring-opening and…

Pharma and Biotech Companies

Providing innovative but cost efficient early drug discovery services and technologies to our pharma and biotech customers is what drives our drug discovery scientists at Taros

Diverse Industries with chemical needs

From literature and patent research to large scale synthesis – we deliver performance chemicals with full IP to our customers to help them meeting their product development goals

Research Institutes and Academia

Great academic discovery often requires industrial backing and custom synthesis capacities to bring ideas into the markets – we scale up from lap to pilot scale

Process development

Custom manufacturing

Analytical chemistry and purification

Looking for custom chemical services?

Holistic chemistry services to support your Research & Development

Consulting and discussing technical, monetary as well as innovation challenges before starting a new project is a cornerstone of our custom chemical services and the success of our customers. That is why we exploit our experience and know-how to improve your chances of success, secure your intellectual property and potential project pitfalls. If Taros is asked to develop a quotation, e.g. for a custom synthesis challenge or a drug discovery campaign, we assign a team of the best scientific minds and project managers in order to form a pathway to success for your project. From the start of a collaboration until the delivery and even beyond the project, our customers get a designated point of contact for regular communication to ensure a high level of custom chemical services.
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