Application of the Agilent automated purification software in high-throughput preparative HPLC-MS purification workflow of libraries within the European Lead Factory

Raquel Ortega, Martyna Bielska, Xenia Iwanowa, Anna Karawajczyk, Danny van Oevelen, Andreas Tei

Taros, ELF

The European Lead Factory is a collaborative public-private partnership established in 2013 aiming to deliver over 500 000 innovative drug discovery starting points in order to enhance the chances to find new valuable lead candidates that could result in the development of novel treatment options for patients. Taros Chemicals, a privately owned CRO company, is contributing with over 10 000 compounds per year into the Joint European Compound Collection (JECL). Within this poster we present a user friendly and highly efficient purification workflow based on Agilent OpenLAB CDS Automated Purification Software. The software has been developed by Agilent Technologies in a close collaborative project with Taros creating automated purification workflows based on reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and mass spectrometry (MS). The system is suitable for a smart combination of UV- and mass-based fraction triggering and the automated transfer of data between each single process streamlining the workflow for highest productivity as the purification of crude products is usually the most time consuming part of organic compound preparation.

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