Antimicrobial resistance: LsrK kinase inhibitors as Quorum Sensing modulators

Silvia Stotani, Mohan Padmanaban, Anna Karawajczyk, Dimitrios Tzalis


Antimicrobial resistance is posing a continuously-rising threat to global health. Each year in the EU, multidrug-resistant bacterial infections cause the death of ca. 25.000 patients, with further healthcare costs and productivity losses estimated to be at least EUR 1.5 billion. As shown in the picture, the estimated deaths attributed to antimicrobial resistance every year by 2050 will be over 10 million1.
Therefore, there is an urgent need for a better antibiotic stewardship and for the discovery and development of new drugs to fight against Gram-negative bacteria. The INTEGRATE project has assembled a team of 10 beneficiaries from eight EU member states, encompassing both academic and non-academic sectors, to form a consortium committed to train Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in the discovery and preclinical validation of novel Gram-negative antibacterial agents and antibacterial targets.

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