Webinar: Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) – The Hidden Treasure

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Title:“Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) – The Hidden Treasure”
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Part 1: May 7, 2024   |   4pm CEST / 7am PDT / 8am EDT   |   30 minutes

Part 2: May 14, 2024   |   4pm CEST / 7am PDT / 8am EDT   | 30 minutes

SpeakersDr. Helmut Buschmann (Taros Chemicals), Dr. Anil Argarwal (Taros Chemicals)

This Webinar Series (Part 1 + Part 2) delves into the latest advancements in the synthesis of targeted protein degraders, exploring cutting-edge techniques and methodologies that are shaping the future of therapeutic interventions.

Join leading experts as they discuss innovative approaches in the design and synthesis of PROTACs and molecular glues, highlight key challenges in the field, and present recent breakthroughs that could revolutionize the treatment of complex diseases.

Attendees will gain insights into the evolving landscape of targeted protein degradation, with a focus on the synthesis strategies that are driving forward clinical applications and therapeutic efficacy.

Speaker  1) Dr. Helmut Buschmann – Chief Scientific Advisor

Helmut holds a PhD from the RWTH Aachen, Germany. After positions hold at Grünenthal GmbH (Aachen), Laboratorius Dr. Esteve S.A. (Barcelona) and SAVIRA Pharmaceuticals GmbH (Vienna) he is now Head of Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Development and Patents at AiCuris GmbH (Wuppertal) and managing director of Research, Development & Consultancy GmbH (Vienna). As a result of his research activities more than 15 NCEs within different therapeutic areas have entered the clinical phase (e.g. Rosonabant, Cizorlitine, Dulopetine, Axamadol). Some of them have reached clinical phase III or are marketed (e.g. Tapentadol: Nucynta® Palexia®,the first co-crystal of 2 APIs Tramadol and Celecoxib Seglentis®).

He has authored and co-authored more than 150 scientific and peer reviewed publications, is named as lead inventor in more than 250 patent families and has edited five books in the field of drug discovery and development. In 2014, he was awarded with the IUPAC-Richter Price for the discovery of the pain killer Tapentadol, which is marketed word-wide as Palexia® (Europe) and Nucynta® (US and Canada).

His research interests are drug impurities and the systematic recording of degradation pathways. He authored one of the first publications describing potential root causes for nitrosamine contamination. Since this time he was invited to several national and international congresses and is consulted as an expert in this field by academic institutes, pharmaceutical companies and regulatory authorities.

Helmut Buschmann

Speaker  2) Dr. Anil Argarwal – Head of Medicinal Chemistry

Anil is a distinguished medicinal chemist with over 17 years of experience specializing in early drug discovery across various
therapeutic areas including Oncology, Neuroscience, anti-infectives, and metabolic diseases. 

A PhD graduate from the University of Leeds, Anil has contributed
significantly to the field, notably as a coinventor of two clinical-stage molecules:
ALK5i – PF 06952229 (Pfizer) and CDK 2,4,6 inhibitor – NUV-422 (Nuvation Bio), both currently in Phase-I trials. 

His recent work includes leading over ten drug discovery projects, advancing two clinical candidates, and numerous lead molecules in areas such as oncology and liver disease. 

Notably, a molecular glue has been nominated for further development with Anil credited as an inventor. His expertise extends to optimizing lead molecules through structure-activity relationship analysis, greatly enhancing project outcomes and organizational growth.

Dr. Anil Kumar

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