Taros Chemicals Update on Corona Virus Situation

Despite the current situation with the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 / COVID-19, Taros is committed to deliver all projects to our customers at expected level of quality.

Dortmund, March 2020 ++++

Dear Customers and Partners,

Due to current situation with the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 (“Coronavirus”) we want to share with you the latest information on how Taros Chemicals have prepared for both, the protection of our employees and partners’ health and the uninterrupted continuation of our chemistry and discovery services to our clients.

In order to maintain our high quality service under the new conditions, we have adjusted our standard operating procedures as well as tightened our safety instructions accordingly for both, administrative and scientific lab staff.
Although shift times and office hours have been redesigned, Taros Chemicals’ teams are committed to delivering to our customers all projects at expected level of quality.

We acknowledge that these mandatory adjustments to the regular work mode may lead to some extended response times or delivery timelines.
However, all customers and partners will be informed in a timely manner should their respective projects face such impact.

For any additional information you’d be requesting relating to your current or future projects, please contact your Taros Key Account Manager for further assistance.

Again, Taros Chemicals would like to thank you for the excellent collaboration and trust that you have placed in our chemistry services since 1999.

With best wishes
Your Taros Chemicals Team

About Taros Chemicals

Taros is a privately owned discovery chemistry company, working with global pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical companies since 1999. Alongside our performance chemicals and material science division, Taros’ drug discovery mission is to create drug candidates as potential new medicines. Taros has a strong scientific track record on many biomolecular targets in all main therapeutic areas and thereby adding considerable value to collaborations from target validation and hit identification to lead generation and optimization. Taros’ core expertise ranges from custom synthesis and process development to modern medicinal and computational chemistry, as well as compound library design and production.
Taros was heading the chemistry efforts of the EUR 196 million funded European Lead Factory (2013-2018) and is currently heading its EUR 36.5 million funded continuation (2019-2022). Moreover, Taros is deeply engaged in other research alliances like the EUR 11 million funded Drug Discovery Hub Dortmund.

Press Contact:
Youri R. Mesmoudi, Executive Vice President, e-mail: innovation |at| taros.de

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