Taros Scientists successfully propelling customer’s patent application

Inventors: Friedrich Georg Schmidt, Uwe Paulmann, Christian Richter, Marcel Inhestern, Christian Meier, Christopher Barner-Kowollik, Kai Pahnke, Miguel Angel Sanz, Sumaira Umbreen, Christian Ewald Janssen

European Patent n° EP3199575 A1

The invention relates to a novel hetero-Diels-Alder crosslinker, its process for the preparation and its use for reversibly crosslinking polymer systems. Applications for this crosslinker building block and its derivatives are reversible for the preparation of crosslinking polymer systems for injection molding and extrusion molding compounds, for the production of foams, for applications in the field of additive manufacturing, e.g. with the SLS or FDM process, for manufacturing of composite components according to the RTM process, for the production of storage-stable prepregs and moldings or composite components produced therefrom, and also for adhesives and coatings. The present invention relates to a novel method for reversible crosslinking of, for example, adhesive or coating compositions.

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