Process Development

Process chemistry from the lab to pilot scale

  • Troubleshooting and chemical improvement of given techpacks and processes
  • Accompanying analytics (impurity identification, isolation and synthesis, impurities profile, etc.) and documentation
  • Consulting on the safety issues
  • Research and development of synthetic routes suitable for large-scale use
  • Development of scalable, economically viable chemical processes for your production purposes and innovation challenges
  • Process optimization, parametrization and scale-up
  • Technology transfer and full documentation, including process description, methods, etc.
  • Materials to be used in healthcare, electronics, dye, construction, cosmetics and for other specialized industrial applications
  • Feasibility studies, literature and patent research for your innovation agenda

We are transforming your ideas into products – Serving the value chain from early discoveries and R&D chemistry in the laboratory to pilot scale for your application testing. Making advantage of their expertise in organic chemistry and taking a design of experiments (DoE) approach to process development, our scientific teams in Germany and Asia will carry your synthesis from the milligram to the manufacturing scale, chasing for cost-effective, safe, efficient and ecological processes. They are experienced in lab-pilot scale experimentation, data evaluation, modeling and process simulation, working hand in hand with the customer to fulfill technical and commercial requirements.

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scalable and economically viable chemical process?

Reaction Calorimetry
Drug Discovery Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry

In Medicinal Chemistry research, we are working with a broadly experienced team on all biomolecular targets from any gene family in any therapeutic area…

Discovery Chemistry

Custom Synthesis

As a leading Contract Research Organization in Europe, Taros provides valuable contract discovery for synthetic organic chemistry, chemical process development, and…


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As a leading CRO in Europe, Taros provides comprehensive drug discovery chemistry services for large Pharma and Biotech corporations as well as for Research Institutes and Academia

Our experienced chemists practice a pragmatic culture and customer-centric approach in order to exceed project expectations and, despite challenges, bridge very narrow timelines. They are trained to consider economic, safety and ecological boundaries and conditions laid out for all stages of the project.