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A position at Taros is unlike any you may have experienced before. Our work is exciting, challenging and innovative, requiring excellent skills and competencies, whether you are a job starter or a seasoned expert

We look for talented individuals from all educational backgrounds and nationalities (by the way: we have 13 nationalities inhouse at the moment) who will contribute to our continuing success through their unique expertise, passion and sincere dedication. By joining Taros you will have the opportunity to get involved in a wide variety of projects, while being given the responsibility to shape and drive the future of our company along with your own career track.

Taros has long been the proud bearer of the kununu seal of approval TOP COMPANY as well as OPEN COMPANY., the leading employer assessment platform in the DACH region, awards the seal of approval to employers who can demonstrate a high level of employee satisfaction. The status TOP COMPANY can only be achieved by a high number of very good evaluations by the employees. Taros currently has an overall grade of 3.45 and is pleased about the positive feedback from its employees. Characteristics of an OPEN COMPANY are, if a company actively encourages its employees to rate kununu, comments on already existing ratings or provides insights into the daily work routine in form of a kununu company profile. Taros considers this seal as a confirmation for its open and appreciative approach to its employees.

Taros is the proud bearer of the kununu OPEN COMPANY seal of approval
Research chemists collaborating in organic chemistry laboratory

Passion for Discovery

Most of us are by now aware of the all-pervading existence of chemistry in our lives – from the organic processes that facilitate our bodily functions to more complex chemistry needed to make our cosmetics, plastics, dyes, paints, pesticides and household detergents. Whether your passion lies in discovering new medicines to fight disease, in protecting the environment through alternative sources of energy or inventing new products and materials that increase human efficiency – Taros provides you with unparalleled opportunities to broaden your horizons across a broad range of chemistry.

Our Philosophy

Our passion is to provide chemical technologies of highest quality to our clients worldwide. By bringing together the best minds we offer affordable, holistic and foresightful solutions to our customers in a broad range of industries. In return for their trust, we engage in seamless, transparent partnerships and utilize the shared knowledge to solve problems  efficiently. In the future, we aspire to be Europe’s leading CRO, having established absolute credibility in our dedication to innovative applications in science and industry.


Our Values

We are aware of the far-reaching effects of chemistry on our health, our environment and our habitats. We are therefore committed to responsible science by ensuring safety first and deploying our resources with the utmost care. Our employee pool of the finest, creative minds is motivated to create viable chemistry solutions to improve work or life efficiency, while upholding the highest ideals of loyalty, integrity, perseverance and courage. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability. We seek qualified individuals with passion, dedication, unique skills and expertise to join our team.

Our Profile

Taros employees are customer-focused, independent-thinking, solution-oriented individuals who perceive their successes to be closely tied to those of their customers. Operating in a highly competitive industrial segment, our CRO looks for skilled, talented job-starters or seasoned individuals with chemistry, business and administrative backgrounds to contribute to our company’s rising success. Given the matrix structure and modest size of Taros, employees frequently participate in cross-functional decision-making beyond their regular scope of responsibilities. This phenomenon in turn facilitates their rapid growth and personal development in both technical and management skills.

Our Profile
We Educate

We Educate

We believe in investing in continuous education to accelerate the company’s growth. Our employees benefit from a variety of learning opportunities ranging from an intensive on-boarding program to formal technical and management training. Here are a few of the training measures offered by Taros:

  • Postdoctoral training ranging from 1 to 2 years
  • On-the-job and cross-functional training: On-boarding and buddy system
  • Internal and external management training
  • Annual lab safety training including first aid, fire protection, general safety procedures
  • Short and long-term internships for students

Celebrations and Rewards

We realize the importance of creating a sense of community in order to function as a holistic team. It is not only essential to connect as coworkers, but also as individuals with our own lives and histories. Our Human Resources department organizes events every year which enable employees to create shared memories and find common purpose. A variety of events are conceptualized for the employees, from Chill Out Fridays to fun summer sports, city marathons, international lunches, Easter brunches and Christmas parties. Our annual awards function where we reward and recognize exceptional performances and personal contributions takes place at our yearly Christmas gathering, which provides the perfect festive setting for celebrating our employees.

Celebrations and Rewards

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As a leading contract research organization in discovery chemistry and custom synthesis, Taros provides comprehensive solutions to meet our clients’ needs from diverse branches and applications

Our experienced chemists practice a pragmatic culture and customer-centric approach in order to exceed project expectations and, despite challenges, bridge very narrow timelines. They are trained to consider economic, safety and ecological boundaries and conditions laid out for all stages of the project.