European Lead Factory Newsletter January 2015

The European Lead Factory Consortium is happy to present the latest issue of the “ELF Newsletter”, 01/2015.

Dortmund, 29.01.2015 ++++ 
It’s early 2015 and the latest European Lead Factory Newsletter is now out.

Take a look and discover interesting news and results of this unique European Drug Discovery initiative, such as:

  • the 1st non ELF SME to receive a qualified hit list from the ELF
  • the 1st publication on the character of the Joint European Compound Library (JECL)
  • the celebration of almost 40.000 novel compounds synthesized and delivered into the JECL for HTS
  • the upcoming ELF appearances at scientific meetings

Why not start thinking about submitting your target assay development and / or library design proposal?

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Taros Chemicals is coordinating the Chemistry Consortium of the “European Lead Factory” drug discovery platform.

About Taros Chemicals

Taros is a privately owned discovery chemistry company, working with global pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical companies since 1999. Alongside our performance chemicals and material science division, Taros’ drug discovery mission is to create drug candidates as potential new medicines. Taros has a strong scientific track record on many biomolecular targets in all main therapeutic areas and thereby adding considerable value to collaborations from target validation and hit identification to lead generation and optimization. Taros’ core expertise ranges from custom synthesis and process development to modern medicinal and computational chemistry, as well as compound library design and production.
Taros was heading the chemistry efforts of the EUR 196 million funded European Lead Factory (2013-2018) and is currently heading its EUR 36.5 million funded continuation (2019-2022). Moreover, Taros is deeply engaged in other research alliances like the EUR 11 million funded Drug Discovery Hub Dortmund.

Press Contact:
Youri R. Mesmoudi, Executive Vice President, e-mail: innovation |at|

medicinal chemistry

drug discovery

We are running our own state-of-the-art Drug Discovery Chemistry facilities in Germany with the option for process research chemistry, upscaling, kilolab production…

performance chemicals

material science

We create performance chemicals to enhance new materials, plastics, coatings, dyes & inks, cosmetics, flavors and many more research and industrial applications…


Looks interesting?

As a leading contract research organization in discovery chemistry and custom synthesis, Taros provides comprehensive solutions to meet our clients’ needs from diverse branches and applications

Our experienced chemists practice a pragmatic culture and customer-centric approach in order to exceed project expectations, despite challenges, bridging very narrow timelines. They are trained to consider economic, safety and ecological boundaries and conditions laid out for all stages of the project, starting from the development of synthetic routes to…