Energy Storage Europe Trade Fair

About the event: Energy Storage Europe

Postponed to 16-18 March 2021, Dusseldorf GERMANY

Energy storage provides multiple benefits for the system by technical, economic and social means. As an example one can mention the benefits of integrating renewable energies – certainly a matter of high social impact – by “flexible” sector coupling through energy storage. “Flexible” sector coupling connects the electricity sector with the mobility and thermal sector. For technical reasons only the implementation of storage can provide temporal flexibility between supply and demand. However unquantified remains the economic evaluation of these benefits for the energy system. The questions, what is the value of energy storage for the energy system, what will be the role of energy storage under the regime of sector coupling and finally what can be the contribution of thermal energy storage technologies in the future shall be the main topics of the ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE Conference 2020. The event provides a unique opportunity to discuss the topics like:

  • Benefit of Energy Storage for the Energy System
  • Energy Storage for Power-to-X Applications
  • International Markets for Storage Solutions
  • Best Practice Examples – today and tomorrow

At the Energy Storage Europe event Taros will showcase its custom synthesis expertise, process chemistry and kg-scale equipment to companies involved in the design and manufacturing of energy storage applications and raw materials. In doing so we can refer to successful projects on the synthesis and optimization of performance chemicals for advanced battery energy storage materials.

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